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CAAS On-Demand Accreditation Seminar Series
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Prepare for Accreditation Using the CAAS Standards (Version 3.0)

This three-part on-demand webinar series (5.5 hours of education) will explain all aspects of the CAAS Standards and the application process.

Learn How To:

  • Plan and budget for accreditation
  • Recognize and maximize the value of accreditation for your organization
  • Motivate staff for accreditation
  • Understand and apply CAAS standards to your organization
  • Prepare your application
  • Develop application documentation
  • Learn how to use the new paperless submission process
  • Review the updates to the new CAAS v3.0 standards

Course Description

This on-demand three-part webinar series is the ideal forum to assist you in planning for your accreditation or re-accreditation using the CAAS Gold Standards. It provides a detailed overview of the application process and clearly defines what can be expected throughout. Faculty address the benefits of accreditation and identify ways in which you can increase operational and clinical performance, reduce risk and liability, and maximize your market position as a result. This online series provides an opportunity to review the standards, learn best practices, and receive expert answers to all your most important accreditation questions.

Who Should View

CAAS accreditation is open to all commercial, municipal, fire-based, inter-facility, volunteer, or hospital-based agencies providing ground medical transport. The practical information provided in this course will save countless hours of time, answer questions, and assist managers, QI supervisors, or other designated accreditation coordinators to plan and execute an effective accreditation program within their own agency.

Seminar Presenter

Sarah McEntee is the executive director for CAAS and is responsible for overall direction and management of the accreditation process. Prior to her appointment, she was program director for the New England EMS Institute in Manchester, N.H., where she was responsible for the management and direction of three concurrent CoAEMSP-accredited paramedic programs.

Recorded in March 2017, this series includes the following:

Accreditation Webinar Part 1- Preparing and Planning for Accreditation
Part one of this three part series covers the history and structure of CAAS, and why the CAAS standards were created.  You will learn about the steps involved in becoming accredited, and how to plan and prepare your organization for the operational and cultural changes that will need to occur as you conduct your self-assessment.  The proper way to review, write and distribute policies, procedures and other written documents is reviewed.  The use of team building, action plans and timelines are also discussed. 

Accreditation Webinar Part 2- Meeting the Standards
Part two of this three part series is spent reviewing the 10 standard categories and  over 100 different standards and characteristics as well as the minimum requirements necessary to demonstrate compliance.   Common mistakes and challenges faced by agencies are reviewed and discussed.  

Accreditation Webinar Part 3- Application to Accreditation
Part three of this three part series guides you thorough the application, documentation checklist and the electronic submission process to ensure you properly submit your application and documentation materials to CAAS.  Once submitted, we prepare you for the offsite and onsite review process, and provide you with tips and suggestions to make the process go smoothly.  We review the role of the Panel of Commissioners, and explain what happens after your agency is successfully accredited as you look toward reaccreditation.

Please note: This education package also includes a copy of the CAAS Standards ($30) and the CAAS Application package ($125), so you do not need to purchase those separately.  This is a great value!